The Storyteller and The Healer

Author and Psychoanalyst Sunny Alexander, PhD. weaves breathtaking tapestries alive with the complexities and nuances of the human spirit, taking elements of her life experiences, and creating endearing characters and richly fleshed out storylines that both resonate and entertain.


THE GIRLS by Sunny Alexander

THE GIRLS: A Different Kind of Love Story

Emily Elizabeth Scott is born to a family traumatized by WWII.

Raised in a strict fundamentalist home, she makes a decision based on fear and an unforeseen journey is set into motion. Char Owens enters her life; the road splits, and now Emily must decide which path to travel. The choice she makes will transform her life, the lives of 6 other women and the world around them all.

Join THE GIRLS and celebrate with them as they make their way
through a decades-long journey of laughter and tears.






Flowers From Iraq: The Storyteller and The Healer by Sunny Alexander

Sometimes you need a fantasy to survive.

A tale of opposites colliding and then reuniting, this complex novel balances humor and tragedy, the landscape of battle, and the interior of the human mind. A richly fleshed out drama that takes place during our own time of war, this story is a compelling reminder of the healing that comes through love and the human connection.

Flowers from Iraq follows Kathleen Moore on her journey through childhood abuse, a lifetime of secrets and locked closet doors. Along her journey, she meets and falls in love with Claire Hollander, a free-spirited adventurer and storyteller who will challenge Kathleen to unlock the secret doors to her past.






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